Homework Projects

Project descriptions will be posted below during the semester. Please read the syllabus for more information about the grading scheme, late penalties, and the academic dishonesty policy for this class.

  • Programming Project Evaluation Form

  • Install Java, install Netbeans, and do the tutorial to create your first small Java program Due: Monday, January 24

  • Work through a tutorial on setting breakpoints in Netbeans Due: Monday, Feb. 7

    For Wed: Upload source code for Part One. The documentation only needs to contain test cases that show that Part One is working. A short report outlining the data structure andother design choices and discussing the test results (what works, what doesn't) is due with Part Two. The printed version should be handed in by the beginning of class on Wed Feb. 16.

  • Homework #1, Due: Wed. Feb. 9 and Mon. Feb. 14

  • Homework #1 solution

  • Homework #2, Due: Fri. March 4

  • Homework #2: Solutions

  • Homework #3, Due: Wed. March 16 (extension)

  • Homework #3, sample (simple) solution for shipDiscs

  • Homework #4, Due: Sunday April 10

  • Homework #5, Due: Sunday April 24

  • Homework #6, Due: Tuesday May 3