CSDL Weekly Meeting Presentation








2021-12-03 Ehsan Kabir A Low-Power LSTM Processor for Multi-Channel Brain EEG Artifact Detection Slides Download
2021-12-10 Quan Mai Learning Deep Representations by Mutual Information Estimation and Maximation Slides Download
2021-12-17 Tendayi Kamucheka Analysis and Comparison of Table-based Arithmetic to Boolean Masking Slides Download
2021-12-23 Quan Mai Representation Learning with Contrastive Predictive Coding Slides Download
2021-12-30 Ehsan Kabir Optimizing Reconfigurable Recurrent Neural Network Slides Download
2022-01-07 Tendayi Kamucheka Practical CCA2-Secure and Masked Ring-LWE Implementation Slides Download
2022-01-14 Quan Mai BORN-AGAIN NEURAL NETWORKS Slides Download
2022-01-20 Ehsan Kabir Mapping Multiple LSTM models on FPGAs Slides Download
2022-01-27 Tendayi Kamucheka High-Performance Hardware Implementation of CRYSTALS-Dilithium Slides Download
2022-02-03 Quan Mai Semi-supervised Classification with GCN Slides Download
2022-02-10 Ehsan Kabir Accelerating Recurrent Neural Networks for Gravitational Wave Experiments Slides Download
2022-02-17 Tendayi Kamucheka Run-Time Reconfigurable Fault Tolerant Architecture for Soft-Core Processor NEO430 Slides Download
2022-02-24 Arpan Poudel Real-Time Video Object Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network Slides Download
2022-03-03 Quan Mai BrainGNN: Interpretable Brain Graph Neural Network for fMRI Analysis Slides Download
2022-03-10 Ehsan Kabir η-LSTM: Co-Designing Highly-Efficient Large LSTM Training via Exploiting Memory-Saving and Architectural Design Opportunities Slides Download
2022-03-17 Tendayi Kamucheka Differential Power Analysis on FPGA board: Boundaries of Success Slides Download
2022-03-24 Arpan Poudel A CNN Accelerator on FPGA Using Depthwise Separable Convolution Slides Download
2022-03-31 Quan Mai Attention, Learn To Solve Routing Problems! Slides Download
2022-04-07 Ehsan Kabir DeltaRNN: A Power-efficient Recurrent Neural Network Accelerator Slides Download
2022-04-14 Tendayi Kamucheka Power Amount Analysis: Another Way to Understand Power Traces in Side Channel Attacks Slides Download
2022-04-21 Arpan Poudel A Uniform Architecture Design for Accelerating 2D and 3D CNNs on FPGAs Slides Download
2022-04-28 Quan Mai Learning the Travelling Salesperson Problem Requires Rethinking Generalization Slides Download
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