SSF (Scalable Simulation Framework) defines an API that supports modular construction of simulation models, with automated exploitation of parallelism. Building on ten years of experience, we have developed a second generation API, named S3F, to better reflect use and support maintainability.

S3FNet is a network simulator built on top of the S3F kernel. It is capable of creating communication network models with network devices (e.g., host, switch, and router) and layered protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, OpenFlow). We also expand its capacity by integrating the network simulator with the OpenVZ-based network emulation. Users can use emulation to represent the execution of critical software, and simulation to model an extensive ensemble of background computation and communication.
The main features of S3FNet are summarized as follows:
  • Parallel discrete-event simulation
  • Virtual-machine-based (OpenVZ) emulation (embedded in virtual time instead of wall-clock time)
  • Distributed emulation over TCP/IP networking
  • Application lookahead (neural-network-based model)
  • Simulation and emulation of OpenFlow-based software-defined networks (SDN)
  • A lightweight Linux-container-based virtual time system [source code]
    • Seamless integration of simulation and container-based emulation
    • Temporal fidelity and scalability enhancement

S3F has been used to simulate and evaluate application systems in various domains including smart power grid, HPC systems, data centers, and high-speed rail way control and communication system.

Selected Publication

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